How to Botl and Share YouTube Videos

It’s quick & easy to share your favorite YouTube videos on Botl.  After logging into Botl, click on  “Botl your Message” in the upper, righthand corner of your screen. 

The botl builder will appear.  Select your botl shape by clicking on one of the botl icons at the top.  Click the orange MORE arrow to see the entire selection of botls.  (We currently have 36 botl shapes for you to choose from!)

Click on the grey Video button to the left center of the botl builder screen.  You should then see a field for you to cut & paste your YouTube link.

It may be fastest for you to copy the YouTube URL from the top of your browser, but we recommend that you copy the shorter link YouTube provides when you click on the SHARE button under the YouTube video you’ve selected.

After copying that link into the appropriate field on Botl, you will see a preview of the YouTube video in the botl builder screen.  To complete your botl, type in the title and message you would like to include with your YouTube video, and then click on Botl It! to share your new botl with your Followers.

Your “YouTube in a Botl” will automatically post to the botl wall and to your personal collection of shared botls.  When users scroll over that post, they will see the “Play” icon  — an arrow inside a circle — to let them know that your botl contains a YouTube video.

Now it’s your turn to botl your favorite YouTube video!

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