5,000+ Botls on the Wall

Susan Cox, one of our top botlrs, posted the 5,000th botl on our wall yesterday.  Congratulations, Susan – and THANK YOU for the clever messages you share!  Our brown-bag bottle was perfect for sharing the “adult humor” contained in Botl #5,000!

We have some great features, functions and design changes headed your way later this week and in the coming month.  Most importantly, we will be formally launching the open beta of our Botl Wall in early May, and our goal is to hit 10,000 botls before June 1st.  With  botlrs like Susan Cox, Tyler Berry and Jeanna Nelson helping us out, we’re sure to reach our goal!

We’re currently looking for more “Botl Ambassadors” all over the world — social media enthusiasts who will join us at this early stage and grow with us — so if any of you are interested in learning more about becoming a Botl Ambassador, please contact me directly at don@botl.com.   Happy Botling!

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