“Welcome Botl” from The Botl King

The Botl King launched a botl with a very important message, welcoming new users to the Botl Community and offering some tips to make their first trip as enjoyable as possible.  The official welcome in several languages reflects the variety of languages and cultures already represented by the hundreds of members of the Botl Community and their  thousands of botls.  The Welcome Botl is the first of a series of instructional botls that will be shared by The Botl King to help make the user experience as engaging and friendly as possible.  To view the “Welcome Botl,” click here.

The Welcome Botl contains some great recommendations for new users:
1. Register an account, and then watch for an email from us.  It should arrive almost immediately, and it will contain a validation link.  Click on the link, and then sign in to Botl.  (If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder….and if it’s not there, email us at support@botl.com.)
2. Set up your profile.  Click on the down arrow in the top, right corner of your screen.  You’ll see the prompts for uploading an image and telling the community a little about yourself.  (Your username is also your new Botl address.  For example, mine is http://botl.com/botlking.)
3. Fill in the links to your other sites.  We want you to use Botl to promote yourself and your business to the Botl Community.  We’re all about sharing and connecting with others from all over the world, so we’re trying to make it easy for everyone to find each other!  (Tip:  When entering links, please begin with http:// – For example, my Pinterest account is http://pinterest.com/botlking.)
4.  Click, click, click, and click some more.  Explore Botl by scrolling on the different walls, and click to your heart’s content.  I’ve gotten you started by sharing some of my favorite botls on your personal wall.  We’re working on making the user experience as friendly and intuitive as possible, but in the meantime, just know that the best way to discover great botls and meet other members of the community is to just click away and follow where each link takes you.
5.  Follow other members.  When you Follow another botlr, that automatically puts their botls on your wall.  Many members of our community will follow you right back!  When in doubt, click Follow.  You can always click the button again to “unfollow” if you decide you don’t want to receive future botls from someone.
6. “Explore all Botls” – Click on that section in the top left corner of your screen, and it will give you access to all of the botls on the site.  Guess what?  There are already over 5,000!  You can sort them by RECENT, VIEWS, LIKES and DISTANCE TRAVELED/MILES.  Have fun!!
7.  Make some of your own botls!  Click “Botl Your Message” in the top right corner, and share YOUR messages with the world.

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