Featured Botlr: Emily’s Quotes

Botl Profile for Emily's Quotes

Botl Profile for Emily’s Quotes

We are thrilled that Emily’s Quotes is a member of the Botl Community!  Emily shares an incredible variety of quotations, each paired with just the right image.  As you can see on her Botl profile page, Emily has linked her Botl account to her other social media accounts to promote her content across multiple platforms.

Using either the Botl It widget or the URL image uploader in the Botlr, Emily can post images from her website directly into Botl.  For Botl members who already have a lot of great content on other sites or on their own website, this is a quick and easy way to create and share great botls on a new platform.   In the uploading process, the hyperlink is retained, so if a Botl user clicks on one of Emily’s images, he’ll easily find her website.

Open Botl with Tags

Open Botl with Tags

Emily is making good use of tags!  To enable users to find content they like, Botl offers a key-word search option as well as a tagging system.  When a user clicks on a tag, Botl populates a wall of all botls on the site containing that specific tag.

Check out Emily’s botls at Emily’s Quotes!

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