The “Botl It” Widget

With the Botl It widget, you can bottle and share images directly from the web, from your personal website, your Facebook fan page albums, or your collections on Pinterest, Tumblr, Imgur and other content-sharing sites.

1. Log in to and click the white arrow at the top right corner of your screen.
Select “Botl It” from the dropdown menu.
Dropdown Menu
2. Left-mouse click and hold the Botl It button, and drag the cursor to your browser’s toolbar. When you release, “Botl It” should appear on your toolbar.   If the toolbar is not visible on your screen, check the bookmark/toolbar visibility selection in your browser settings.

Installing Botl It onto Toolbar
3. Click “Home” to return to your Botl dashboard.

When you find an image you would like to share, click “Botl It” on your toolbar. A window will open, displaying the images available from the web page you’re currently viewing. Click on the left or right arrow to scroll through the images in the selection window until you find the right image. In this example, I was on a wall of images on Pinterest when I clicked the Botl It widget, which resulted in 52 possible images for me to select from.

Using the Botl It widget

Use the Botl It widget to upload images and animated GIFs directly from the web.

After selecting an image for the botl, add a title and enter key words or tags to make it easy for others to find. If the botl contains adult content, be sure to check the NSFW box. Then click “Botl It” to complete the botl, add it  to your personal collection, and distribute it to your followers. The link to the original image is retained, which is useful for anyone interested in cross-promoting their content across social media platforms.

Tip:  Most content-sharing sites have thumbnail versions of their images displayed on walls or in galleries. Always use the opened or enlarged version of the image you would like to bottle. Then, when you click the widget, the desired image should be the first image displayed in the selection window. (If not, try refreshing your browser and clicking Botl It again.) 

To illustrate, I’ve selected a Pinterest pin of my Yorkie Spike. To the left, you can see a typical thumbnail/wall display of a pin. I could use the Botl It widget to capture that thumbnail image, but the better practice is to click on the thumbnail image, which then displays a full-sized image and also generates a unique URL for that image. Now, when I click the Botl It widget, instead of having to scroll through dozens of images to find this picture of Spike, his image is the first one displayed.

Using Botl It with Pinterest

After selecting a bottle and entering a title and tags, I click “Botl It!” to complete the botl.
To see the finished product, click here.  

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