Botl of the Day: Potatoes Gonna Potate!

Potatos Gonna Potate

Haters gonna Hate, ‘Taters gonna ‘Tate!

Shelf Display Potatoes Gonna Potate Botl from AwayWithWords
Botlr AwayWithWords made the “Potatoes Gonna Potate” botl by taking an animated GIF of this trio of potatoes dancing like nobody’s watching, and then adding a track of music from Soundcloud.

Mashed Potato Time by DeeDee Sharp is the perfect compliment to the GIF – and it really looks like these guys know how to dance the Mashed Potatoe!

To open the Potatoes Gonna Potate botl from AwayWithWords, click on the play button above, or click on the chef sauce bottle sitting here on its shelf.

After you enjoy the little show, check out the other great botls from AwayWithWords , especially lexophiles (“word lovers”) and anyone who enjoys puns and funny words!

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