Featured Botlr: The Brunson Chronicles

This week’s featured botlr is TheBrunsonChronicles.Botl Profile for The Brunson Chronicles

The Brunson Chronicles has been an active member of the Botl Community since January 2013, and over the past year has created and shared more than 1,300 botls. As his profile proclaims, Brunson is a “Greater Swiss Mountain Dog,” so as you’d expect, most of his botls are dog-themed.

Of course, you don’t have to be a dog-lover to enjoy Brunson’s botls! In addition to the great collection of dog images, tips for caring for dogs and recipes for making dog treats, you’ll find tons of funny images and videos, witty captions and messages, and clever combinations of images or animated gifs with the perfect Soundcloud track.

But instead of telling you about Brunson’s great botls, let me show you a few!

Splish Splash

The “Splish Splash” botl contains an absolutely adorable image of a white puppy with black ears. The little guy is sitting in a wash basin, all lathered up, and he appears to be….singing!

When you open the botl, you’re in for a real treat:  Brunson included the upbeat song, Splish Splash, I was Takin’ a Bath! What a perfect tune for this cute picture!

You know the drill:  To open the Splish Splash botl and enjoy its message, click on the little shampoo botl sitting on the shelf!

Angels with FurAll dogs go to heaven, right?  Absolutely!

The “Angels” botl has an adorable image of a puppy, along with the beautiful message, “Dogs are angels with fur.”

When you open this botl, you’ll find a touching message inside, and you’ll hear the song Ave Maria played on harp and flute.

To open the botl and find out what its message is, click on the faith botl sitting on the little shelf!


Brunson & Mommy

Brunson & Mommy



If you’re a dog lover, then you absolutely need to follow The Brunson Chronicles.

For the rest of you, be sure to check out Brunson’s botls – I’m certain you’ll want to follow Brunson, too.  You’ll definitely find a lot of great, witty content and have a great time opening Brunson’s botls!

To view more botls from The Brunson Chronicles, click here! Also be sure to connect with Brunson on his Facebook fan page and his personal blog!

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