Botl of the Day: Animal Facts-Seahorses

Open Botl Seahorse FacesSeahorses are pretty amazing creatures, and today’s Botl of the Day shares some surprising trivia about them!  Did you know seahorses mate for life?

Seahorse Botl Shelf Display

Botlr Geoffrey Arnold made the “Animal Facts – Seahorses” botl by taking the perfect image of a pair of seahorses and then adding a track of music from Soundcloud.

Under the Sea from Disney’s The Little Mermaid was the perfect song to combine with this image! This particular track by Georgia & the Fables is an absolutely adorable duet with a catchy calypso beat that’ll stick with you all day!

To open the Animal Facts – Seahorse botl, click on the play button above, or click on the wine bottle with the heart label sitting here on its shelf.

After you enjoy the little show, check out the other great botls in Geoff’s collection!

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