Botl of the Day: I Bop, You Bop, They Bop

Dancing Parakeet
Have you ever seen a dancing parakeet?  Well, this pretty bird has the right “moves”!

I Bop Parakeet

Botlr CuteAnimals made the “I Bop, You Bop, They Bop” botl by taking an animated GIF of a dancing parakeet and then adding a track of music from Soundcloud.

Cindy Lauper’s She Bop was the perfect song to combine with the “bopping bird” GIF.  CuteAnimals used our Soundcloud editing features to select a starting point for audio and loop the excerpted portion of the song!

To open the I Bop, You Bop, They Bop botl, click on the play button above, or click on the smiley-face bottle sitting here on its shelf.

After you enjoy the little show, check out the other great botls in CuteAnimals’ collection!

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