Music for a Monday: Four-Year-Old Piano Prodigy

4 year old prodigy

Botl member Patricia Gonzalez-Powell (@pgpowell) shared this treasure in her Music for a Monday botl.  Prepare to be AMAZED:  The four-year-old performer plays like a Piano Master….after only three months of lessons! It’s easy to see why his performance has been viewed almost 6 million times.

Bravo! No wonder he’s received over 60,000 LIKES.

If you enjoyed this botl, be sure to check out the other 1,200 great botls in Patricia’s collections! You’ll find an incredible variety of content in her botls, including dog-themed and cat-themed media, great quotations, and gems like this video of a piano prodigy.

A multilingual world-traveler with a love of animals and commitment to rescue, Patricia has been a member of the Botl community since December 2011, sharing botls from her homes in Houston, Texas, and Santiago, Chile.

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