Botl Basics: Make a Botl

Step 1:  To make a botl, click the botlr icon in the top right corner of your computer screen by your profile thumbnail and username.

Step 2: Pick a bottle. By default, the wine bottle is selected, but you can scroll through and pick any of the other 47 bottle types.

botlr top 800 x182

For more information about bottles, setting your default bottle, or uploading a custom bottle, click here.

Step 3: Add media content.  (Click the links below for instructions on uploading the content described below.)

Step 4: Give your botl a title.

Step 5: Add tags, words that describe your botl’s contents and would be relevant to another user looking for that type of content. For more information about tags, click here.

Step 6: Check the NSFW box if your content is for mature audiences or “not safe for work”.
If the NSFW box is checked, we automatically insert an NSFW tag and use the brown-bag bottle.

public 126x38Step 7: By default, all botls are public. Click the private button to make your botl private.

  • Public botls are automatically distributed to your followers and added to your shared botls collection and the all botls wall.
  • Private botls will be added to your shared botls collection, visible to you but not to other users. A share window will open for you to enter a username or email address, and to add an optional message.

botl it 126x38Step 8: Click the Botl it! button to complete and distribute your botl.

TIP: After you have made a botl, if you need to make changes to the botl’s title, message or tags, simply open the botl and click the “edit this botl” button. For more information, click here.

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