Botl Basics: Botl Lingo

Note from Don:  Howdy, Stranger! Thanks for stoppin’ by.  This is a “work in progress” but I should have it finished SOON.  There’s just so many little details! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email me directly at  Thanks for your patience!

autopost -Check the autopost box in your profile settings, and Botl will automatically post any botls you create and share onto Facebook for you.

botl – A botl is a digital “message in a bottle.”

botl it! – This is the final step in making a botl. After you have uploaded the content you would like to share, you “botl it!” – which creates your botl and distributes it to your followers.

botl it!  button – After selecting a bottle type, entering a title, uploading desired content, and adding a message and tags (optional), users click the blue botl it! button to complete their botl.

botl it! widget – Drag the “botl it!” widget to your browser’s tool bar, and click it whenever you would like to share an image directly from a web page you are viewing. The botlr will open with the image uploaded. When you complete the botl, the image will retain a hyperlink back to the original source. (For instructions on installing the widget, click here.)

botl music – Inside the Botlr, there is a music library which contains over 100 sound effects and songs in five different categories: Seasonal, Traditional, Classical, Sacred and Sounds.  To include botl music in a botl, click the music library button inside the Botlr and then click on the desired selection.

botlr – The botlr is the tool used to make botls.

  • To open the botlr, click the botlr icon in the top, right corner of your Botl screen, or click the Botl It widget in your toolbar when browsing other content sites.
  • Select a bottle, click the appropriate content button to fill your botl, add a title and — if desired — a message and tags.
  • Supported content includes images and animated GIFs from your device or by URL; audio from our Botl Music library or from Soundcloud; and video from YouTube, Vimeo, SocialCam and Viddy.
  • By default, botls are public, but if you would like to make a private botl, click the public/private toggle beside the botl it button.  
  • Click the botl it button to complete your botl and distribute it to your Followers.

bottle caps – In users’ Botl profiles, bottle caps with social media logos are used as links to users’ other social networks, and numbered bottle caps appear on users’ notifications and messages buttons to alert them to new messages or activity related to their account.

bottle scroll – There are 48 different bottle types to choose from when making a botl.  The bottles appear in a scrollable row when you open the botlr to make a botl.  Make a selection by clicking on the desired bottle, which will then be highlighted in an orange square.
Scrolling Rows of Bottles

brown-bag bottle – The brown-bag bottle is one of the 48 bottle types to choose from when making a botl. By default, any botl identified by the maker as NSFW (“not safe for work”, or containing adult content) will be packaged in the brown-bag bottle. For more information, click Default Bottle, Brown-Bag Bottle and Custom Bottles.

custom bottle – We can upload a custom bottle into your Botl account, and that bottle will be used for any botls you create. For more information, click Default Bottle, Brown-Bag Bottle and Custom Bottles.

dashboard – When you log in to Botl, you are taken to your dashboard which shows your Botl profile, your collections and the wall of botls from your friends. You can navigate anywhere in the site and perform any Botl functions from the dashboard.  To return to your Botl dashboard from anywhere in Botl, click on your profile thumbnail & username in the top right corner of your screen for web broswers, or click the home button for mobile apps.

default bottle – There are 48 bottle types to choose from when making a botl. If a user tends to use the same bottle type for most or all of his botls, he can select a default bottle in Profile Settings.  When he opens the botlr to make a botl, his default bottle will already be preselected at the top.  For more information, click Default Bottle, Brown-Bag Bottle and Custom Bottles.

display name – a user’s actual name, business name, or pseudonym.

  • Display name appears above username in user profiles and thumbnail displays.
  • Unlike usernames, display names can contain spaces and special characters.
  • You can change your display name at any time in Profile Settings.
  • Sample account – Display Name: Words At Play, Username: WordPlay.
  • My account – Display Name: Don Puryear, Username: donpuryear.

email notifications – By default, users receive email notifications of new followers and of  likes, comments and shares of their botls. In Profile Settings, users may modify which, if any, email notifications they receive.

explore all botls – The “explore all botls” icon is located in the top left corner of the Botl screen for web browsers. (For mobile apps, it is the “all botls” button to the right of the home button.) When a user clicks “explore all botls,” the All Botls wall appears, displaying all public botls made by any Botl user.  By default, the botls are displayed with the most recent at the top.  Note:  NSFW/Adult Content botls will not appear unless the user has checked the profile setting to make them visible.

favorites – When you click the heart icon ♥ inside an open botl, the heart turns red and the botl is added to your collection of favorites, or “liked botls.” To remove a botl from your collection of favorites, simply click the heart icon a second time.

filter – Users can filter botls in “shared botls” collections by:

  • all botls
  • original botls
  • rebotls

follow – When you follow another Botl user, you are subscribing to his feed, so his botls and rebotls will appear in your collection of “botls from friends,” the wall that is displayed when you sign in.

follow button – There is a follow button under a user’s profile picture anywhere it appears on the site. When you click the follow button, you become a follower of that user and you subscribe to his botls and rebotls. To “unfollow” any user, click the “following” button under his profile picture.

follower – any member of the Botl community who has clicked the “follow” button under your profile image becomes a “follower” and automatically receives botls you share on their “botls from my friends” wall

following – to follow another Botl user.  A user who clicks the follow button under another user’s profile is “following” that user, and as a result, will receive all botls shared by that user on their “botls from my friends” wall

following button – When you are following another Botl user, the blue button under that user’s profile picture will say “following.” If you place your cursor on that button, it will turn red and say “unfollow.” Click that red button to unfollow a user.

keyword search –  Users can perform a keyword search by entering keywords into the search field at the top of any botl wall. The search will be restricted to the wall you are viewing at the time, so be sure to be on the “all botls” wall if you want to search all of Botl.

links – Links are addresses to specific web pages on the Internet.

messages – Direct messages can be sent from one user to another when creating a private botl or sharing an existing botl by username.
New messages are reflected by a bottlecap on the Messages button in the user profile.

notifications – Users receive notifications of activity related to their botls (likes, comments and rebotls), and of new followers. New notifications are reflected by a bottlecap on the Notifications button in the user profile.

NSFW botls – NSFW stands for “not safe for work.” It is an identifier for content that may contain crude or offensive content not appropriate for general audiences.  When making a botl, users are asked to check the NSFW/Adult Content box if their botl contains crude or offensive content. By default, botls designated NSFW will not appear in your Botl feeds unless you go into your profile settings and check the box authorizing them.[adult content – crude language, off-color humor]

open botl 

private botl – All botls are public by default.  To make a private botl, click the Private/Public toggle button to change it from public to private.  After you complete your botl and click the Botl It! button, your private botl will be added to your personal collection, though it will not be visible to other Botl users.  A share window will then open for you to enter the username(s) and/or email addresses of the intended recipients of your private botl.  Private botls sent by username will appear in the recipient’s Messages.

profile settings –

public botl – By default, all botls are public. When they are created, they are distributed to the maker’s followers, and they also go into the “all botls” collection.  To view all public botls, click the “explore all botls” icon in the top left of your computer screen or the Explore bottlecap in mobile apps. Public botls designated “NSFW/Adult Content” can only be viewed by users who have checked the box in Profile Settings authorizing  NSFW/Adult Content.

rebotl (noun) – a botl that has been shared.  Rebotls are automatically distributed to your followers.

rebotl button – bottle icon inside an open botl that, when clicked, adds the botl to a user’s collection and distributes it to his followers

(verb) – to share a botl with your followers.

remove this botl – You can remove any rebotl from your collection by opening the botl and clicking/touching the “remove this botl” button.

report this botl – You can report any botl by opening the botl and clicking/touching the “report this botl” button.

search – Users can perform a keyword search by entering keywords into the search field at the top of any botl wall. The search will be restricted to the wall you are viewing at the time, so be sure to be on the “all botls” wall if you want to search all of Botl.

shelf – Botls are displayed on shelves, which provide clues about the botls’ contents and travel history.  The shelf display contains a thumbnail image, the botl’s title, the name of the user who made or shared the botl, and the number of likes, views and miles traveled.

sorter – dropdown menu of options to sort the botls on whichever wall you are viewing.
By default, botls are displayed in reverse chronology, so the newest botls are at the top of your feed or botl walls.  Use the sorter to reorganize the botls by the number of likes, views or miles.
Users can sort botls by:

  • recent
  • likes
  • miles
  • views
  • oldest

tag search – When you click on a tag in an open botl, Botl will display any botls containing that tag in the collection/wall you are viewing.

tags – Tags are key words that you can enter when making or resharing a botl. They are a great way of organize your botls and making them easy to find. For instructions on adding tags in botls and rebotls, or using them for searches, click here.

text editor – We have a “rich text editor” for you to create stylized, formatted text as part of your botl’s content. You can even include hyperlinks! Sometimes the text editor is also called a WYSIWYG editor, “what you see is what you get”!

tool tips – Tool tips are instructions that pop up when you touch or scroll over an icon. They tell you what will happen if you touch or click the icon. Tool tips are turned on by default. For instructions on turning them off, click here.

unfollow – By default, every Botl user follows the BotlKing.  To follow any additional user, you must click the “follow” button under that user’s profile picture, at which time the button changes from “follow” to “following,” and you become a Follower of that user.  To undo that action, click on the “following” button under the user’s profile picture.

unfollow button -You can unfollow any  user you are following by clicking the ‘”following” button under that user’s profile picture anywhere it appears in Botl.

up arrow – When scrolling down walls of botls on your computer, click on the “up arrow” in the bottom right corner of your screen to return to the top.

URL – A URL (“Uniform Resource Locator”) is a link or address that points to a specific web page on the Internet.

username  Each Botl user has a name on Botl that is unique identifier for him. Usernames must be six or more characters in length, with no spaces or special characters. You can send messages and private botls to others by using their username.

vanity URL -Each user’s Botl address is   For example, BotlKing’s vanity URL or Botl address is

walls – Unopened botls appear on walls of scrollable shelves. Wall titles appear in the top center of the screen. After scrolling down a wall, click on the “up arrow” in the bottom right corner to jump back to the top.


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