Botl Basics: Explore Botl

explore instructions 1After logging in, users are taken to their Botl dashboard.  You can navigate anywhere on Botl and perform any of Botl’s functions from here.


  • Botl logo – When you click the Botl logo in the top left corner, it will refresh your page and return you to your dashboard.
  • Explore all Botls – When you click “explore all botls,” you will see a scrollable wall containing all of our public botls.  There are currently about 30,000! By default, the most recent ones will be at the top.

orange botlr icon

  • Botlr –  To create a botl, click on “botlr” to the left of your profile thumbnail, and a window will open with options for you to upload image, audio or video content. For instructions on using the botlr, click here.
  • Profile Thumbnail/Username – When you click on your profile thumbnail/username in the top right corner, it will refresh your page and return you to your dashboard.
  • Dropdown Menu - Profile SettingsWhite ArrowWhen you click the white arrow in the top right corner, a menu will appear with multiple options that you can click. I’ve added a red arrow to mark the most important menu item: Personal Settings!  This is where you go to make changes to your profile and your user settings.


  • Profile pic  – Your profile image appears in your dashboard and as a thumbnail image in the botls you create and view. You can change your profile picture at any time in Profile Settings.
  • “That’s Me” – Under your profile picture, there is a button that says “That’s me.”  Whenever other users see  your profile, they will see a “follow” button in that area instead.
  • Followers/Following – Click on these buttons to see the Botl users who follow you (your “followers”) and the Botl users you are following.
  • Odometer – Your odometer shows the cumulative miles attributed to botls you have shared.
  • Social Media Links – In Profile Settings, there is an option for adding your social media links to your Botl profile so users can connect with  you on your other networks as well!

collections buttons

  • Shared Botls Collection – Click this button to see all of the botls you have shared with your followers.
  • Liked Botls Collection – Click this button to see the collection of your favorite botls.
  • Botls from Friends – Click this button to refresh your wall and see the botls shared by users you follow.
  • Messages – Click your Messages button to see any direct or private messages sent to you by other users. If you have unread messages, a bottlecap will appear in the corner of your Messages button showing the number of unread messages.
  • Notifications – You will receive notifications whenever another user follows you or likes, shares or comments on one of your botls. When you have new notifications, a bottlecap will appear in the corner of your Notifications button showing the number of new notifications.


  • Featured Botl Users – Click any of the profile images in the strip of  tiles that runs across the screen to see that user’s profile and the botls he has shared.
  • Wall Title- Botls are displayed on scrollable walls of shelves, and the wall title appears in the center top portion of the screen.  Immediately after logging in, the “botls from my friends” wall is displayed.
  • Keyword Search – Type a keyword in this field and click Enter to the botls in the wall you viewing.
  • search sortSort/Filter – On the far right, there are sort and filter options. By default, the most recent botls are displayed on walls, but you can sort them by view, likes and miles. When viewing collections of other users, you also have the option of seeing all botls, or separating that user’s original botls from his rebotls.

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