Botl Basics: Find and Share Botls

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make a wish botlWhat is a Botl?
botl is a digital message — images, audio, video and text — packaged in a bottle-shaped icon.

  • Images & Animated GIFs – uploaded from device, by URL, or with the Botl It widget
  • Music & sound effects from Botl’s library
  • Tracks or looped excerpts from Soundcloud
  • Video – Youtube, Vimeo, Viddy, Vine, Social Cam or your mobile device
  •  rich text – stylized & formatted text, including hyperlinks

Each botl is displayed on a shelf with clues about its contents and travel history. Click anywhere on the shelf to open its botl.

There are currently about 30,000 botls in circulation just waiting to be opened. Botls appear on scrollable walls of shelves, in each user’s collections, and even in your personal messages.

  • Walls – When you log in, you are taken to the wall of botls from the people you follow, “my friends’ botls.
    To access ALL public botls, simply click the explore all botls icon in the top left of your computer screen.
  • Collections – Every user profile contains two collections, shared botls and liked botls.
    The shared botls collection contains original botls as well as botls created by others that the user shared with his followers.
    The liked botls collection, or favorites, contains any botls the user liked by clicking the heart icon in the open botl.
  • Messages – Users can send you private botls, and those will appear in the Messages inbox in your dashboard.

By default, botls are displayed chronologically, with the most recent ones at the top.  To find botls of interest to you, use Botl’s search, sort and filter functions.

search sort

  • Keyword Search – To search botls by keyword, enter the desired word in the search field while viewing the wall or collection you would like to search. Keyword searches will look for matches in a botl’s title, username and tags.
  • Tags – Click on a tag inside an open botl to see a wall of botls containing that tag. We search plural & singular forms of the tag, so if you click the tag dog, the search will also include dogs.
  • Filter – Shared Botls collections contain original botls and rebotls. By default, both types of botls are displayed, but you can select to view only original botls or only rebotls in any user’s Shared Botls collection.
  • Sort – By default, the most recent botls appear at the top of any wall, but you can select to sort any wall by LIKES, VIEWS, MILES and OLDEST.


  • Public botls
  • Private botls – by username or email
  • The Rebotl Button
  • Social Media Buttons and Share Links


How to Make a Botl


return to botl basics


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