Botl Basics: Edit Your Profile

After you create a Botl account, you can edit your profile at any time. Click on the white arrow in the top right corner of your screen, and select “Profile Settings” in the dropdown menu that appears.

By default, the Profile tab opens.  Click on any of the other three tabs — Links, Settings, and Bottle — to access those fields.

Profile Settings Tab

How can I change my Profile picture?
In the Profile tab of your Profile Settings, click the change image button below your current picture, and then click the choose file button to upload an image from your device.  Use the cropping tool to select the desired portion of your image, and then click Submit.

How to Change Your Botl Profile Picture

Do I have to provide my birth year?
Botl’s Terms of Service contain age restrictions, but we do not require that you include your birth year in your Profile Settings.

Can I delete my birth year?
Yes.  Click on the field for birth year, and scroll to yyyy at the top of the list.  Click yyyy, and then click Save.
Birthday in Profile Settings

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I still have questions after reading your FAQs page. How can I get help?
Send your questions to

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