The Magic of a Mother’s Touch

Magic of a Mother's Touch

After giving birth to twins, Australians Kate and David Ogg were told what no parents want to hear: Their baby girl was fine, but after 20 minutes ot trying to get their baby boy to breathe, the doctors had declared him clinically dead.

Kate insisted on holding her baby boy, who she named Jamie. The nurse handed her the tiny, limp body wrapped in a blanket. Kate unwrapped the blanket and pressed Jamie’s skin against hers, skin-to-skin, while cuddling and stroking him. She talked to Jamie, and she told him that  his twin sister Emily was fine.

After two hours, a miracle occurred: Jamie began gasping. Doctors told the parents not to get their hopes up, that the gasping was just a reflex. But the gasping continued and the gasps became more regular. A short time later, Jamie opened his eyes.

Kate put breast milk on her fingertip and pressed it to Jamie’s lips….and Baby Jamie started sucking.  In SHOCK, the doctor kept repeating, “I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it!”

In Australia, the magic of a mother’s touch is well known: It’s called Kangaroo Care. But this wonderful story raises it to a whole new level, when a mother’s touch brought her son back to life.Botl: A Mother's Touch

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Smart Cat Feeder Uses Facial Recognition Technology!

cat feeder

A startup company has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the development of Bistro, an automated cat feeder…that recognizes your cat’s FACE!

Facial recognition technology is commonplace with humans, but this appears to be a novel application with animals. Novel and quite popular!

The fundraising campaign sought $100,000 for development, but quickly eclipsed that goal. They are currently approaching $250,000 in donations.  And if they reach THAT goal, they are adding a cam & speaker to the automated cat feeder so that you can see and talk to your cat from where you are when it comes to the automated feeder.

What a brilliant concept – and what a great success story for crowdfunding! To see Bistro’s Indiegogo campaign, click here.

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