Custom Keyboard Apps Privacy Policy

Appsolute Madness, Inc. (“AMI”) provides mobile applications for iPhone and iPad to enable creation of custom keyboards, including but not limited to Je Suis Charlie Keys, JSC Keys, Pride Keys, Piano Keys Free Custom Keyboard and Cop Keys (collectively “Custom Keyboard Apps”).

To use the Custom Keyboard Apps on iPhone or iPad, you must “Allow Full Access” in the device’s Keyboard Settings. “Allow Full Access” allows information you type to be tracked; however, AMI does not track, collect or upload any information you type.

If you send feedback to AMI, your email address will be visible to us, and we may use your email address to reply to your feedback or to provide technical support.

Personal information will not be intentionally provided by AMI to third-parties, except under the following circumstances:

  • At the user’s express or implied request (such as by the user linking to the information);
  • With the user’s permission;
  • By order of a judge or legislative body;
  • As required by law;
  • On demand of any governmental authority authorized to investigate the commission of a crime;
  • For use by any Joint Venture partner of AMI, and only for the purposes of sales and support of any product or service of the Joint Venture; or
  • With the sale of all or substantially all rights of the Service to a third-party. In this event, all information in the possession of AMI would be provided to the purchasing party and would be subject to the privacy policies of the new owner.


AMI reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. AMI shall make reasonable efforts to notify You of such changes. Posting a change notice or a new agreement on or is considered sufficient notice.

To read the privacy policy related to AMI’s Botl application, click here.


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