Adult Content


I don’t want to see botls containing NSFW (“Not Safe for Work”) or Adult Content.
Users who create botls containing adult content are asked to identify those botls by checking the NSFW/Adult Content box in the Botlr before completing their botl.  With that box checked, their content will automatically be packaged in the “brown-bag bottle” and the nsfw tag will be included.

By default, those NSFW/Adult Content botls are hidden from view.  To see those botls, a user must check the the Show Adult Content box while creating his Botl account using our mobile apps, or by selecting Show NSFW/Adult Content in his Profile Settings.

To change your Show NSFW/Adult Content selection, click the the white arrow in the top right corner of your Botl screen and select Profile Settings in the dropdown menu.

Dropdown Menu - Profile Settings

Click the Settings tab, and click on the small white box to the right of Show NSFW/Adult Content to make the check mark appear or disappear.  A check mark means the Adult Content will be visible.  An empty box means it will not be visible. Make your selection and click the Save button.
Visibility of Adult Content

You can change your Show NSFW/Adult Content selection at any time by going through the steps outlined above.

How do I notify you if I see any inappropriate content?
Even with the Show NSFW/Adult Content box unchecked, it is possible that you may occasionally come across content that you feel is inappropriate to be on Botl.  To bring the botl to our attention, open the botl and click on the report this botl button.   In the mobile apps, clicking the button will automatically generate a notice to us.  On the website, after clicking the button, a menu will appear for you to identify the nature of the botl’s content.

Can I block users who post botls containing adult content?
You can follow and unfollow other users, and you can report any of their botls that are inappropriate, but we do not offer an option of blocking other users.

If you Follow another user, his botls will appear in your botls from my friends wall.  Even if you don’t follow a particular user, you may come across his botls when you explore the all botls wall or in your own botls from my friends wall they have been rebottled by a user you do follow.

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