Email Notifications for Likes, Rebotls, Comments and Follows

I receive email notifications anytime another Botl user follows me or likes, rebotls or comments on one of my botls.  How can I turn email notifications off?
By default, email notifications for Likes, Rebotls, Comments and Follows are turned on. Whenever one of those actions takes place, you will receive a notification on your profile page in Botl as well as by separate email. To modify which email notifications you receive, click the white arrow in the top right corner and select Profile Settings.

Dropdown Menu - Profile Settings

Click on the Settings tab, and click on the small white boxes to uncheck the selections you would like to disable.  After making any other desired changes in Settings, click Save.

User Settings for Email NotificationsNote:  You will continue to receive notifications through Botl’s internal messaging/notification system. If you have unread notifications, Botl will display a small yellow bottlecap on the notifications button on your profile page.

Click the notifications button in your Botl dashboard (your Botl profile page) to open a panel with a scrollable column of your notifications.  To scroll up and down through the notifications, click and drag the scrollbar on the right.
Notifications Button and Panel

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