Default Bottle, Brown-Bag Bottle and Custom Bottles

48 bottle types  864 x 360There are 48 bottle types for users to choose from when making a botl.To select a bottle, users scroll through four rows of bottles at the top of the botlr and click on the desired bottle. The selected bottle is then highlighted in an orange square.

Default Bottle:
Users can select one of these 48 bottles in their Profile Settings. To choose a default bottle, click the white arrow in the top right corner of your Botl screen, select Profile Settings from the menu options, and click the  Bottle tab in the window that appears.

Selecting a Default Bottle

Scoll through the 48 bottle choices and click on the one you’d like for your default bottle.  Then click the blue save button. You can change your default bottle at any time by returning to this profile settings tab.

When you open the botlr, your default bottle will be preselected.  If you would like to use a bottle other than the preselected one, simply scroll through the bottles to find the one you want and click it.

Brown-Bag Bottle
Whenever you check the NSFW/Adult Content box inside the botlr, we will automatically add an nsfw tag (“not safe for work”) and assign the brown-bag bottle to carry your message.

brown bag bottle

Custom Bottle
If you have a custom bottle you would like to use for your Botl account, email the request to us at along with png images of the opened and closed bottle.

custom bottle daily bunnyTo use a branded bottle, you must have proper authorization from whoever owns the brand.

  • Closed Bottle  –  480 x 600 pixels
  • Opened Bottle – 700 x 300 pixels

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