Display Name and Username

Display Name and Username

What is a Display Name?
Your Display Name is the header or title for your Botl profile.  For many people, it will be their actual name; others may prefer to use a pseudonym, their business or blog name, or their fan page name.

Display Names may contain spaces and special characters.

Sample of Display Name & Username

Can I change my Display Name?
You can change your Display Name at any time after your account has been created.  Click the white arrow in the top right corner of your screen and then select Profile Settings in the dropdown menu.  Make any desired changes in the Name field, and then click Save.

Profile Settings Tab

What is a Username?
Your username is your Botl “handle,” a unique identifier for your account.  The URL/address for your Botl profile is botl.com/YourUsername, which is often referred to as a vanity URL. For example, my Botl username is donpuryear, so my Botl address is botl.com/donpuryear.  Upper- and lower-case letters are permitted, but usernames must be six characters or more in length and cannot contain spaces or special characters or symbols (for example, $ # & %). Additional information regarding usernames may be found in Botl’s Terms of Service.

How do I change my Username?
You have an opportunity to select a username  at the time you create an account.  When you register by email, the Username field is blank.  When you register using Facebook Connect, your Facebook username will automatically appear in the username field by default, but you can edit that field before submitting.

After your Botl account has been created, if you would like to change your username, email your current username and the username you would prefer to us at support@botl.com.

What can I do if someone already has a username I wanted?
Usernames are made available on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you create an account, the more likely your desired username will be available.  If there are special circumstances, such as trademark issues, please email the details to support@botl.com.

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