Pin a Botl onto Pinterest


  • Copy the Botl Share Link:
    Click the envelope icon in an open botl to obtain its share link.  To copy the link, place your cursor to the left of the http://, and click, hold and drag across the entire link.  Right-mouse-click the highlighted link.
  • Upload the Botl Share link into Pinterest:
    Click the Plus Sign (+) icon in the top right corner of Pinterest, and select Add from a website.  Place your cursor in the field provided and then right-mouse-click to paste the link into the field.  Click Next. When your botl image appears, click Pin It, which will provide the fields for you to pin to one of your existing boards or create a new board.  Note: Images uploaded to Pinterest in this manner will retain a link back to their original source on Botl.  If a botl contains animation or music, I typically add a comment in the description field to notify Pinterest users they can click the enlarged image to hear the music and enjoy the little show.

Pin Botl to Pinterest by URL

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