Posting Botls to Facebook

Users have several options for posting botls onto Facebook:

  • Manually post any specific botl to their personal Facebook timeline.
  • Autopost botls they create or rebottle onto their personal Facebook timeline.
  • Post a botl onto friends’ and fanpage timelines using a “share link.

Post a Botl to your Facebook Timeline:
You can manually post a botl onto your Facebook timeline at any time by clicking on the Facebook icon in an open botl, which will open a Facebook share window containing the botl link.  Enter whatever personal message you would like to add for your Facebook post, make any desired change to the post’s privacy setting, and click Share.

Share using Facebook icon in Open Botl

Autopost Botls to your Facebook Timeline:
With the autopost feature, any botls you create or rebottle will automatically post onto your Facebook Timeline.  To enable that feature, click the white arrow in the top right corner of your screen, and select Profile Settings in the dropdown menu.  Select the Settings tab in the window that appears.  If you created your Botl account using Facebook, your Facebook ID will already be uploaded.  If the Facebook ID field is empty, click anywhere inside that white field, which will take you through the steps to connect Botl and Facebook.  After your Facebook ID is populated, click the box beside Automatically Publish to Timeline to put a check mark in the box, and click Save.   At any point, you can disable autoposting by returning to Settings and unchecking that box.

Facebook ID and Autopost

Post Botls to Facebook Frends’ and FanPage Timelines using Botl Share Links:
Click the envelope icon in an open botl to obtain a “share link” that can be posted in Facebook and other social media sites.  To copy the share link, place your cursor to the left of the http, and click and drag across the entire URL.  Then right-mouse-click the highlighted link to copy.  To post the link onto a Facebook Timeline (yours, your friends’ or fan pages), place your cursor in the Facebook page’s Status field, and right-mouse-click to paste in the link as a Status.  After Facebook populates the botl’s image and title, add whatever additional message you would like and then click the Facebook Post button.

Post Botl Share Link to Facebook

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