botl mobile

Botl for Mobile Browsers
To access Botl’s mobile website, enter in your mobile device’s browser, which will automatically redirect to our mobile version at

(If you are unable to Sign up using Facebook Connect, you may need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker long enough to create a Botl account. For instructions, click here.)

Botl Mobile Apps

Botl has mobile apps available for free download for Apple’s  iPhone and iPad, and for Android’s smartphones and tablets.  This video tour will give you an overview of  how the apps work and how to navigate around them.

Use Botl’s mobile apps to:

  1. Create a Botl account using Facebook Connect.
  2. Log in to Botl using Facebook Connect OR username/email.
  3. View botls in a format optimized for your device.
  4. Open botls from your friends.
  5. Explore all public botls. (We have over 30,000!)
  6. Share botls to your followers and onto your other networks.
  7. Create botls using your images and video.
  8. Modify your profile description and settings.
  9. Select a default bottle for your messages.
  10. Find/Invite your Facebook friends.

Download Botl’s free mobile apps on iTunes and GooglePlay!


Botl Apps on Google Play


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