Smart Cat Feeder Uses Facial Recognition Technology!

cat feeder

A startup company has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the development of Bistro, an automated cat feeder…that recognizes your cat’s FACE!

Facial recognition technology is commonplace with humans, but this appears to be a novel application with animals. Novel and quite popular!

The fundraising campaign sought $100,000 for development, but quickly eclipsed that goal. They are currently approaching $250,000 in donations.  And if they reach THAT goal, they are adding a cam & speaker to the automated cat feeder so that you can see and talk to your cat from where you are when it comes to the automated feeder.

What a brilliant concept – and what a great success story for crowdfunding! To see Bistro’s Indiegogo campaign, click here.

This great discovery was shared in a botl from FunFacts, a member of the Botl community since January 2013. Trivia Lovers, be sure to explore the 500+ FunFacts botls!

Botl of the Day: The CatCat CanCan

The Cat-Cat Can-CanWhat’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys?  How about a couple kitties on the keys!

botl on shelf cat cat can can

Botlr ATouchOfClassical made the Cat-Cat Can-Can botl by taking an animated GIF of this adorable pair of cats playing the keyboard, and then adding a selection of music from the Botl Music library.

The upbeat French song, The Can-Can, is the perfect compliment to the GIF – and the rhythm of the song seems to purrfectly match the kitties’ paw movements!

To open the Cat-Cat Can-Can botl from ATouchOfClassical, click on the play button above, or click on the milk bottle sitting here on its shelf.

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