Tiny Hamster vs Kobayashi: Hot-Dog Eating Contest!


Are you ready for an epic showdown? KOBAYASHI has challenged TINY HAMSTER to a hot-dog eating contest. Who do you think will win?

If you’ve never seen the “Tiny Hamster” videos before, you’re in for a treat.  There’s something adorable about a furry little hamster eating a teenie-tiny burrito or birthday cake. Or as in this video, a hot dog!

This little treasure was shared in a botl from CuteAnimals. If you enjoyed Tiny Hamster vs. Kobayashi, be sure to check out the other great botls in CuteAnimals’ collection, where you’ll find hundreds of images, animated GIFs and videos of CUTE ANIMALS!



Botl of the Day: Dixieland Hamster Band

Dixieland Hamster Band

The Dixieland Hamster Band botl from botlr CuteAnimals is too cute for words!  The adorable band consists of three hamsters, one with a trumpet, one with a clarinet, and one with a harmonica.  As if that wasn’t entertaining enough, the little show is paired with the perfect Soundcloud track:  Benko Dixieland Band: Creole Jazz.

To enjoy the Dixieland Hamster Band, click the play button, or click the little music bottle on its shelf.

Shelf Display: Dixieland Hamster Band