What’s more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys? A Scottie Pinwheel!

scottie pinwheel botl.com from angiesaxon

Meet Matthew, Mark, Luke, John….and Nigel & Anneliese! These six Scottish Terrier puppies do something pretty amazing when presented with a saucer of goat’s milk! It’s easy to see why this short video has been a hit on YouTube, receiving over 3.6 million views!

Click here to open the Scottie Pinwheel botl from Angie Saxon.  I promise it’ll be the most entertaining minute and a half of your day!

Angie is a part-time student and full-time vet tech with three dogs and two cats, and she has been a member of the Botl community since May 2013.  After watching Scottie Pinwheel, be sure to check out the other botls in Angie’s collection – She has almost a thousand! And it should come as no surprise that most of them contain great pics, animated GIFs and videos of cats, dogs, rabbits and other cute animals.

You Won’t Believe Where This Tiny Chihuahua LOVES to Sleep!

COMFY SPOT  chihuahua botl.com

Looks like this sweet little chihuahua is best buds with a Gentle Giant! It was bed time, and her Mommy looked all over the house for her….finding her in this unlikely spot!

Surely an enormous GREAT DANE can’t make a comfy mattress! Or maybe it’s just perfect, because the little chihuahua seems to be quite content!  ~SWEET DREAMS, LITTLE ANGEL!~

Click the embedded video to watch this adorable clip here on our Botl blog, or click here to open the botl from ADogsLife.

While your there, be sure to look around.  ADogsLife has been a member of the Botl community since January 2012 and has almost 1,500 great dog-themed botls in their collections.

In those collections, you’ll find an incredible variety of adorable dog pics, amazing animated GIFs, and heartwarming videos.  Anyone who loves animals is bound to enjoy exploring, but dog lovers in particular are in for a REAL TREAT!!