You Won’t Believe Where This Tiny Chihuahua LOVES to Sleep!

COMFY SPOT  chihuahua

Looks like this sweet little chihuahua is best buds with a Gentle Giant! It was bed time, and her Mommy looked all over the house for her….finding her in this unlikely spot!

Surely an enormous GREAT DANE can’t make a comfy mattress! Or maybe it’s just perfect, because the little chihuahua seems to be quite content!  ~SWEET DREAMS, LITTLE ANGEL!~

Click the embedded video to watch this adorable clip here on our Botl blog, or click here to open the botl from ADogsLife.

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TOO CUTE FOR WORDS: The Ultimate Dog Tease

ultimate dog tease
Ever wonder what your dog would say if he could talk? Well, watch this adorable “Ultimate Dog Tease” video and find out!

This irresistible German Shepherd responds to his owners questions about his favorite, mouth-watering foods.  It’s one of the funniest clips you’ll ever see – and even if you’ve watched it before, it’s always a treat to see again.  So enjoy!

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ADORABLE: Big Dog, Tiny Tantrum!

Dinky the Dane talks to Daddy

Dinky the Dane talks to Daddy

Do dogs get jealous? Well, if you watch this incredible video of Dinky the Dane, you’ll know the answer soon enough!

Ro-Ro is getting massage and attention, and it’s driving Dinky crazy. He’s ready for his turn, but Daddy tells him he has to wait.  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear Dinky say “I love you” several times….before flopping himself down on the sofa with dramatic flair!

So this great video proves two things:
1. Dogs CAN be jealous!
2. Sometimes when jealousy “rears its ugly head,” it’s actually pretty ADORABLE!

To see the Big Dog, Tiny Tantrum botl from Dogs, Dogs and More Dogs, click here. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the hundreds of other great dog-themed botls in their collections.