Tip for Sharing YouTube Videos

To share a YouTube video on Botl, just follow these three easy steps:

1. Click the SHARE button under the video’s title.

youtube share button

2. YouTube will display several share options, including a URL/share link.  If the playlist box is checked, be sure to uncheck it. Otherwise, there will be a problem with the botl’s shelf display.

youtube playlist box checked

3. After you have unchecked the playlist box, a shorter URL/share link will appear in that field and you should no longer see ?list= anywhere in the link.  Do a right-mouse click to copy the link.  (If that does not capture the whole link, then do a left-mouse click at the beginning of the link and drag your cursor across the entire link. Then after the link has been highlighted, do a right-mouse click to copy it.) Also, remember that you always have the option of selecting the start time for videos by checking the Start box and entering the desired start time in minutes and seconds.

share link no playlist

A preview of your selected video will appear after you have pasted the YouTube URL/share link into the botlr and clicked the preview button. Add a title and tags, and click Botl It! to complete your botl.

swan song

Video Tour of Botl’s iPhone App

Botl has mobile apps available for free download for Apple’s  iPhone and iPad, and for Android’s smartphones and tablets.  This video tour will give you an overview of  how the apps work and how to navigate around them.

Use Botl’s mobile apps to:

  1. Create a Botl account using Facebook Connect.
  2. Log in to Botl using Facebook Connect OR username/email.
  3. View botls in a format optimized for your device.
  4. Open botls from your friends.
  5. Explore all public botls. (We have over 30,000!)
  6. Share botls to your followers and onto your other networks.
  7. Create botls using your images and video.
  8. Modify your profile description and settings.
  9. Select a default bottle for your messages.
  10. Find/Invite your Facebook friends.

Download Botl’s free mobile apps on iTunes and GooglePlay!